Equestrian Branding

by equestrians for equestrians

In the bustling arena of equestrian marketing, the challenge lies not only in showcasing the products and services, but in capturing the essence of the equestrian lifestyle itself. 

Chances are if you are an entrepreneur in this industry, you know just how fast-paced and demanding it can be. Being a business owner, you probably wear multiple hats as well. We work long hours, and probably don't take a lot of days off. But you do it because you simply love what you do and have a passion for all things horses. You work hard to create a product or service for Equestrians, for their animals, to build a connection with them and help support them in their journeys. Some tasks in our business can be daunting, and they typically become the ones that we tend to procrastinate with. 

Content creation is all about first impressions. When we live in a world dominated by social media, you need to stand out and capture your audience mid-scroll. Having high quality, consistent visuals can truly convey the essence of your brand, tell your story, and captivate your audience. Creating content should not be a scary or difficult task. I will guide you every step of the way for your socials looking fresh, consistent and captivating for your audience.

You deserve content that works for you so you can get back to the barn faster.

Hiring an equine photographer can elevate your equestrian brand by creating content for visual storytelling. Not only can we document the visual aesthetics but also convey the emotional connection between horses and riders while showcasing your products to the everyday equestrian. By enhance your brand's visual appeal you can create a lasting impression on your audience. Whether you're promoting equestrian events, selling horse-related products, or showcasing your breeding program, having professional photography and videography adds a touch of professionalism and artistry. 

I'm ready to elevate my content!


On-boarding & strategy call

Understanding your vision and goals is an important part of our process. We want to establish a solid visual brand identity that will resonate with your ideal audience. We will walk through the planning process together and to use our time in the most effective way. We can discuss locations, ideas, and of course all the content ideas. 


Schedule your session

This is where we will create the magic. With all our planning, you can sit back and relax. There will be no stress but a fun time creating real, authentic moments.


Delivered Content

After our session, you will receive your images and content within 2 weeks. Let's get to posting and effectively using the content we created. Using our Client Resources, or Social Media Assistance, I am with you every step of the way to help where you need it most.  

My Process

"I have worked with Chelsea for several product-based brand shoots over the past year. She has brought my vision to life through both photo and video content. Chelsea is very organized and has excellent turnaround time - I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

Michelle Durnin

Founder of DFR

Let's talk consistency

Not knowing what to post, when to post, or not having quality images and video can be a challenge and can prevent your brand from standing out amongst the crowd.

Whether you are a product-based business, service provide, trainer or coach, creating stunning visual content can foster connection with your audience, establish your brand identity and create a lasting impression.  

Let's work together month-to-month and create a plan. You are not in this alone. Let me help you create the content that you can use across your business.


Strategy Call every month - Let's go over your needs, events, trends, what's working, what's not and truly understand your audience's needs
30-35 High Resolution Images per month
4-6 Social Media Reels
10 Video Clips
Priority Booking
Client Resources and Social Media Assistance (Posting Tips, Content Planner, etc.)

Is the monthly option just not the right fit for you? We have several other package options to choose from. For well-established business to start-ups, we know the importance of creating and establishing your visual brand identity and are here to help. 

Package Options

Each package is unique for each session. Unsure of what session is best suited for you? Let's Chat!

  • x1 Strategy Call per month
  • Clients Resources to elevate your Content
  • Social Media Assistance
  • 30-35 High Resolution Images
  • 4-6 Social Media Reels
  • 10 Video Clips
  • Deliverables within 5 days
  • x1 Strategy Call per quarter
  • Client Resources to elevate your Content
  • 50-65 High Resolution Images
  • 3-5 Reels
  • 15 Video Clips
  • Deliverables within 2 weeks
  • x1 Strategy Call
  • Client Resources to elevate your Content
  • 30-45 High Resolution Images
  • 6-7 Social Media Reels
  • 10 Video Clips
  • Deliverables within 2 weeks

Monthly Subscription

One-time Content creation

Quarterly Subscription

Let's Book

Brands Captured for

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