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Equestrian Branding

Clinton Winter Series will always hold a special place in my heart, it was the series that welcomed me in when I first started and have continued to support me as I grow into the photographer I am. It is a fun group to hang out with and I’m always sad at the end of […]


One thing I truly love about being a photographer is seeing you hang and display your prints in your home for your friends and family to love. Your images deserve to be seen, not stuffed away on your phone. Printing doesn’t need to be a hard or scary task either! In fact, I make it […]


You’ve just booked your first Horse & Rider session and you are so excited. What are you going to wear, how are you going to do your hair, the locations. So many decisions to make and to think of. But let’s back up one step. This is a Horse & Rider session.