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One of my favourite parts about my job, how my clients become my friends and I get to be along side them to capture special moments in their stories that are going to last them a lifetime. This one being no exception. I met Alex & Taylor my first year of photographing rodeo. They quickly […]


As a rodeo photographer deeply mesmerized by the world of rodeo, I often find myself right in the dust, sweat, and adrenaline-fueled moments that define rodeo. Recently, I had the privilege of capturing images at Build A Cowboy School at the Rockin Rafter Vee Arena in Ohsweken, Ontario Rodeo school stands as a part of […]


As a rider, you spend countless hours at the barn, in lessons, taking care of your horse for mere moments in the ring. As an equine photographer, and competitor, I’ve had the privilege of not only witnessing the emotion and excitement of competing but experiencing it first hand myself. Having those moments captured is a […]


Clinton Winter Series will always hold a special place in my heart, it was the series that welcomed me in when I first started and have continued to support me as I grow into the photographer I am. It is a fun group to hang out with and I’m always sad at the end of […]


If there is one profession in the equine industry that I think deserves more appreciation is a farrier. They truly support our horses in ways that we as horse owners can’t. Its a dedication to continuous learning, trying new things and always searching for new answers for the betterment of our horses. I got to […]


You’ve booked your Horse & Rider session and now you don’t know what to do. Planning is so important and a huge part in leading your session to success. If you read our recent blog post What to look for when booking an Equine Photographer you know our top tips in selecting a photographer and […]


When choosing a photographer, you have so many options. There is so much talent both here in Ontario and beyond. In fact, it may become overwhelming when looking at who to go with. There are many factors to consider. But when looking for a photographer for your horse & rider session, it is so important […]


If you have followed me for any time you know, to me, community is huge. It is something I value tremendously, something I encourage my Brand Ambassadors to carry with them all the time. Our community doesn’t just extend to our BA group, but our industry as a whole. This world is already hard enough […]


One thing I truly love about being a photographer is seeing you hang and display your prints in your home for your friends and family to love. Your images deserve to be seen, not stuffed away on your phone. Printing doesn’t need to be a hard or scary task either! In fact, I make it […]


In the bustling world of the equestrian industry, and being an entrepreneur, one can often overlook certain aspects to stand out: visual branding. While the equestrian world might seem to follow the same traditions, its evolution in recent years has emphasized the critical role of visual identity in shaping perception, fostering connections, and driving success. […]