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When choosing a photographer, you have so many options. There is so much talent both here in Ontario and beyond. In fact, it may become overwhelming when looking at who to go with.

There are many factors to consider. But when looking for a photographer for your horse & rider session, it is so important to find an Equine Photographer. As an Equine Photographer, we are horse people just like you. We understand the animals, we understand the sport and we know how to safely work around horses.

Here are my 6 tips to look for when hiring an equine photographer:

1. Style – This is huge. It will play a huge part in the outcome of your images. Each photographer is different and will have a different editing style. Photography is art and your photographer is a creative. Finding one who’s style you love is so important. Do you like more dark, moody images, or more light and airy? Following along the photographers on social media, you can get a true representation of their work and know if it is for you or not.

2. Get to know them – Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, wherever they are. Are they active on socials? That is a great way to get to know them and see if you would even be a good fit. Scroll through their website, their highlights, blog and get to know their personality. Do they have reviews from previous clients you can read? You want to make sure they can deliver the experience and that it is worth your investment.

3. Deliverables – This is a good one to know what you will be receiving from your session. Prints, digital images and turnaround time are all important things to understand just exactly what you will be receiving. Understanding the experience, your deliverables and your end goal with the images is so important not only for you but your photographer. If you want to have the images hanging in your home, does your photographer offer you printing services or help you with the printing process? Are their additional fees for printing rights, high resolution images, session fees?

4. Contract – One thing I think is so important is providing a contract to my clients. This sets clear expectations for both parties involved. This will cover everything from what’s included in your package, what to do if you need to reschedule, timelines for delivery, what happens if you’re late or miss your session, etc. This is so important for you as a client to sit down and truly read through this.

5. Price Points – It is good to sit down and find a realistic budget for you and what you are comfortable spending. Photography is an investment that I truly believe is priceless. These images will last you a lifetime and for generations after. It is important to realize that we, photographers, all start somewhere but we are providing a service. Not only do we have to pay for the gear we use to shoot your session, but we have business insurance, website & editing subscriptions and it does cost us a significant amount to run a legally operated business. If you find your dream photographer, you will be provided an experience that is truly enjoyable and brings value to you.

6. Horse Knowledge – This to me is probably one of the most important pieces. Horses are prey animals, each with their own personality and can react to situations differently from each other. It is important to hire a photographer that not only knows how to safely work around horses, but one that will know safe, comfortable positions for you and your horse and how to pose your horse correctly. In a horse and rider session, I truly believe it should be just as much about the horse as the rider because without them, we have just a rider session. Its important for your photographer to pick up on cues from your horse that they may be uncomfortable or need a moments break.

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March 26, 2024



Chelsea Findlater

Chelsea Findlater is a Western industry Photography & Videographer based in Cambridge, Ontario. From Rodeos, to Horse & Rider Portraits, or content creation, she specializes capturing those candid moments.


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